Prezi is a visual tool. PowerPoint is a technical tool. As Jim Harvey (London Presentation Specialist) says: “PowerPoint is like a reliable sedan car. The design is never ground breaking. The sedan is practical and fool proof. You use it if your life depends on it. Prezi, on the other hand is the sexy red sports car which makes the journey, wherever you’re going an experience.” Prezi isn’t  just a way to get from point A to point B. It doesn’t just provide information – it helps make your presentations more visually exciting and engaging. Remember, they’re both just tools. Which ever one you choose will bring value to your story if your story is strong. If your story is shaky nothing will keep it afloat.
Prezi Presentations: After a call or meeting, we’ll create a proposal based on your needs and specifications. If you should need a brainstorming session to get your concept going, we can help you develop the concept as well as the Prezi. Coaching: PreziMaven coaches over the phone, via Go To Meeting, Prezi Meeting and on-site at your work place.  We will explore Prezi’s capabilities: short cuts, video, Flash and software tips. Lectures: During a lecture we’d love to tell you more about the benefits of Prezi: one and a half hours filled with background information, cases, facts and the latest Prezi news. A perfect start to go and figure Prezi out for yourself.
We are able to deliver almost every presentation within two weeks time. Tighter deadlines are possible, depending on your Prezi’s needs and our schedule.
The design fee for a presentation depends on the number of hours needed to build the presentation. Factors which influence the number of hours are: the size/length of your presentation, availability of assets: images, videos, audio and the extent to which your content is organized. If you would you like to receive more information about our rates, a quotation or if you just want to discuss your project needs – give us a call, shoot us an email, text or pay us a visit!

Your Prezi can be projected, viewed on the internet on Prezi.com, embedded into a website, shown on an iPad, iPhone and recorded as a movie for YouTube.
4:3 screen ratio is like an old school monitor format, it’s rather boxy, but safe. It’s the same proportion as a PPT file. 16:9 screen ratio is cinematic, wide, lovely. Choosing the appropriate screen ration depends on where you will be showing your Prezi. If it’s online then we recommend 16:9. If you’re projecting a Prezi for a meeting then 4:3 is a safer choice.
Simply said – Yes. We can take your content and re-purpose it in Prezi. Sometimes The images used in the PowerPoint file will need to be replaced with higher resolution images for the Prezi. We look forward to converting you!
Vector images (Images created in Adobe Illustrator) are infinitely scalable and won’t pixelate. That means that they won’t look chewed on – ever. We like to get your logo and anything else possible as a vector file. Vector files are small. Small files are your friend in Prezi. They don’t take a long time to load. Nobody likes to wait for files to load. Trust me.
If you plan on visiting us, know there are some animals here. Don’t be afraid. They have fur and feathers and would like it if you brought along a cheese burger. But don’t.